Planning – Project in mind?

 Don’t wait to get started.

Plans, permits, zoning, fire marshal review, etc routinely exceed the time allotted by an owner.

Let us help you get the process moving and get started today.  We have a wide network of architects who we can recommend based on your specific project, design intent, or location to best suit your needs.

Estimating and Budgets – We are constantly bidding projects all across Oklahoma which keeps our cost database up to date and gives us a “feel” for the current market.  Subcontractor prices can vary drastically based on their current workload and market fluctuations.  Keeping our finger on the construction market pulse allows us to accurately discuss and provide budgets for your next project.  Long range projects and planning – We use our job cost database and history to assist clients with long range projects and planning.

Why Choose Us?

Decades of Experience – Williams Contracting has been in business as a prime contractor in Oklahoma for three decades.  Let us put our experience to work for you.

Competitive & Loyal Network of Subcontractors

The key to getting a project in budget and moving forward is a strong network of competitive and competent subcontractors.

Subcontractors make up approximately 90% of the project cost.  Choosing a Construction Manager or General Contractor who has the resources and network to get the best subcontractor prices is critical.

Subcontractor loyalty is a slow process that takes years to earn their trust with honest project experiences, timely payments, and fair business practices.  Subcontractor’s loyalty and appreciation shows up in the competitive pricing we we receive on bid day, and their diligent completion of each project they do for us.

On-Time, On-Budget

In the general contracting and construction industry, not meeting deadlines will inevitably cost both the owner and the contractor.  At Williams Contracting, we pride ourselves on hitting every deadline so that you can more confidently plan your project. We work alongside the architects, engineers, and owners up front to ensure that the project schedule is feasible in relation to design and to ensure the owner has a realistic timeline for completion.

Project Delivery Methods We Provide

The “project delivery method” is simply the different ways a project owner can use our professional services to best suit their project needs.  All three of the methods below could be used for the same project, but in most cases the details of your particular project will dictate the best method.

Construction Management –

Williams Contracting is hired as your prime contractor before plans and specifications are fully developed.  This is the preferred method for owners who are repeat builders or who have larger or more complex projects.  We would outline a simple, but realistic project budget and base our contract on a set of fees and general conditions scaled for the specific project size and duration.  This method allows the owner to proceed with hiring us as their prime contractor early enough to allow our cost feedback and feasibility recommendations to be implemented into the design.  Furthermore, the Construction Management open books methodology allows the owner to have more input and make decisions regarding which subcontractors the owner would like to use on the project.

General Contracting –

Williams Contracting can take your completed project plans and provide a full budget or hard bid for the entire project.  This is a common practice for simple and repeat design projects.  Our contract with the owner would be based a single lump sum “bid” for the entire project scope.

Design Build –

Some owners may not have relationships with architects and engineers, it might be their first commercial project, or they may not have time to work between separate design and construction firms.  We can take the lead on these projects and let the consultant’s work under Williams Contracting allowing the owner one point of contact and one contract.  Similar to the Construction Management method, this allows for maximum construction cost and feasibility to be integrated into your plans and building.


Project Expertise:

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