I am not throwing away my shot! I am not throwing away my shot! I’m just like my country, I’m young scrappy and hungry, and I’m not throwing away my shot. Commercial Contractor Tulsa I’m going to get a scholarship to King’s College. I probably shouldn’t brag but I amaze and astonish. The problem is I got a lot of brains but no polish. I gotta holler just to be heard. With every word I drop knowledge. I’m a diamond in the rough. A shiny piece of coal trying to reach my goal. My power of speech is unimpeachable. Only nineteen but my mind is older.

These New York City streets get colder, I shoulder every burden, every disadvantage. I have learned to brandish. I walk these streets famished. Commercial Contractor Tulsa The plan is to fan this spark into a flame. But it’s getting dark, so let me spell out the name. We are meant to be a colony that runs independently. Meanwhile Britain keeps on us endlessly. Then King George turns around and runs a spending spree. He is never going to set his descendants free. So there will be a revolution in this century. Enter me! Don’t be shocked when your history book mentions me. I will lay down my life if it sets us free. Eventually, you’ll see my ascendancy. And I am not throwing away my shot.

I am not throwing away my shot. I’m just like my country, I’m young scrappy and hungry. And I’m not throwing away my shot. I dream of life without a monarchy. The unrest in France will to a monarchy. How do you say anarchy? When I fight, I make the other side panicky. Commercial Contractor Tulsa I’m a tailor’s apprentice. I’m joining the rebellion because I know it’s my chance. To socially advance, instead of sewing some pants. But we will never be truly free. Until those in bondage have the same rights as you and me. You and I. Do or die. Wait until I sally in on a stallion with the first black battalion. Geniuses, lower your voices. You keep out of trouble and you double your choices.

I’m with you, but the situation is fraught. You have to be carefully taught. If you talk, you’re going to get shot. Let’s hatch a plot blacker than the kettle calling the pot. What are the odds the gods would put us all in one spot. Popping a squat on conventional wisdom, like it or not. A bunch of revolutionary manumission abolitionists?

Give me a position, show me where the ammunition is. Oh, am I talking too loud? Sometimes I get overexcited. Shoot off at the mouth. I never had a group of friends before. I promise that I will make you all proud. Let’s get this guy in front of a crowd. When you are living on your knees you have to rise up. Tell your brother that he has to rise up. Tell your sister that she has to rise up.

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Commercial Contractor Tulsa When are these colonies going to rise up? I imagine death so much it feels more like a memory. When is it going to be me? In my sleep? Seven feet ahead of me? If I see it coming do I run or do I let it be? Is it a beat without a melody? See, I never thought I’d live past twenty. Where I come from some get half as many. Ask anybody why we are living fast and we laugh, reach for a flask. We have to make this moment last. That’s plenty. Scratch that. This is not a moment, it’s the movement.

Where are all the hungriest brothers with something to prove? Foes oppose us, we take an honest stand. We roll like Moses, claiming our promised land. And if we win our independence? Is that a guarantee of freedom for our descendants? Or will the blood we shed begin an endless cycle of vengeance and death with no defendants? I know the action in the street is exciting. But between all the bleeding and fighting I’ve been reading and writing. Commercial Contractor Tulsa We need to handle our financial situation. Are we a nation of states? What’s the state of our nation?

I am past patiently waiting. I’m passionately smashing every expectation. Every action is an act of creation. I’m laughing in the face of casualties and sorrow. For the first time, I am thinking past tomorrow. British Admiral Howe has troops on the water. Thirty-two thousand troops in New York harbor. When they surround our troops. As a kid in the Caribbean I wished for a war. I knew that I was poor. I knew it was the only way to rise up. If they tell my story I am either going to die on the battlefield in glory or rise up. I will fight for this land.

But there is only one man who can give us a command so we can rise up. Ladies and gentleman, here comes the General. The moment you’ve been waiting for. The pride of Mount Vernon. George Washington! We are outgunned, outmanned, outnumbered and outplanned. We have to make an all out stand. And I’m going to need a right hand man. Can I be real for a second? For just a millisecond? Let my guard down and tell the people how I feel for just a second. Now I’m the model of a modern major general.

The venerated Virginian Commercial Contractor Tulsa veteran whose men are all lining up to put me up on a pedestal. Writing letters to relatives and embellishing my elegance and eloquence, but the elephant is in the room and the truth is in your face when you hear the British cannons go boom. And any hope of success is fleeting. How can I keep leading when the people I’m leading keep retreating? We put a stop to the bleeding as the British take Brooklyn Knight takes rook. We have to make an all out stand.