Commercial Contractor Tulsa I am just going to start talking and talk about the busy weekend I have ahead. I am so tired just thinking about it already. I need a nap just to get ready for it. But I don’t have time to nap.

Jaron’s first game is tonight and it’s weird that it’s his last first game ever. High school is coming to an end soon. Crazy to think about it. I really don’t want to drive to McAlester tonight. I do not like the stadium there. It is not the greatest. Plus it’s going to be stupid hot and I’m not looking forward to that at all. But that’s what moms do.

Go to all their kids’ stuff. Tomorrow means getting up early to make the drive to Silver Dollar City. And we all know how much I love riding with Jody. His driving scares me so much. Commercial Contractor Tulsa Getting up at 6:00 on a Saturday doesn’t make me very happy at all. But I get to see my grandkids so I am okay with it. I will just take my pillow and sleep on the way up there. That way I don’t have to deal with my husband’s driving. Silver Dollar City should be fun. I haven’t been in at least 10 years so it will be fun to see how much it’s changed.

Plus it will be fun getting to see the girls favorite things to do there. They are excited to show us their favorite things. It’s funny that the phone hasn’t rung much today here in the office. Typical Friday I suppose. Plus it was a short week so I’m good with that as well. It’s kind of strange to just ramble on and on and on in this article. But it’s also surprisingly easy to do. Do I ramble when I talk as well? Something for me to think about. I’m up to over three hundred words already. Commercial Contractor Tulsa Anyway after our long day tomorrow I will be up again on Sunday to drive to Tulsa to see Hamilton again. It’s so good.

Hard to describe just how amazing of a musical it is. I wasn’t sure I would enjoy it but I really did. Plus I learned a lot about Alexander Hamilton. I’m taking my sister-in-law with me. She’s really excited to see it. I hate that I missed so much of the second half when I saw it last week. I was not at all happy about that. Not one little single little bit. Wow I hope I can keep talking and talking enough to make it to a thousand words. I guess I will miss out on watching the Big Brother live feeds tonight. That’s what I usually watch on Friday nights. I usually stay up pretty late doing that. It’s my relaxing time. I love my Friday night routines. Watching tv in my room with my dogs all around me. Well the phone just rang. Kind of startled me because it’s been so quiet in here today. I got all the checks done before lunch.

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I feel like that is a major accomplishment for me. I usually stress when it comes time but I always get them done in plenty of time. Commercial Contractor Tulsa I’m glad this word document has a word counter at the bottom. It would not be much fun to have to go behind and count every single word. I have got all my filing done which is honestly one of my least favorite things to do. Once I get it finished I wonder why in the world I take so long to get it done. Why do I just keep putting it off? Not really sure. We are now up to six hundred twenty-five words so I am more than half done. It would be really funny to read through this and see what I have rambled on about for six hundred and fifty-four words.

It reminds me of the episode of Friends where Rachel writes a letter to Ross and she rambles on for eighteen pages front and back. Yes that is my favorite comedy show of all time. I’ve seen the episodes so many times I know them by heart. I could probably quote them word for word. Yes that is how many times I have watched them. I’m looking across the way and see several trucks over there. My son is over there working in that heat. I don’t know how he does that every day. I’m proud of what a hard worker he is. He works so hard to provide for his wife and son. Commercial Contractor Tulsa he’s an amazing son and my grandson is the absolute light of my life.

He’s the best thing ever to happen in my life. He makes my heart so happy. I really wish I had got myself a soda before I came back from lunch. I am really craving one in a major way. I honestly do not need it but I really do want it. I know I just drink way too much of it and I should stop. But it is hard to do that.

I have done it for so long now. I am now up to eight hundred and eighty words. That is a lot. It doesn’t take much time to get to that many words. I will just keep rambling on for a little bit more. I have all my emails cleared out and all the filing done. No voicemails to worry about so I am glad about that. Commercial Contractor Tulsa Just a little more to go. Three more hours until time to leave for the day.

Only about forty more words to go. I am getting there. I really do like my office. I love how everything is neat and orderly and I really love my big window. My old office was dark and there was no window. I really didn’t like that very much. Okay I have all my words typed.