Williams contracting was founded in 1987 and have been around every sense doing great construction and contracting work. Construction management in McAlester has been done by us that entire time and we’ve done a great job of it. Jeff is the name of the man that started the company in his name is Jeff Williams to be precise. He started the construction company in Muskogee Oklahoma. The place that he worked at before that was Manhattan construction heated that all the way back in 1970 and you know at their home office right there Muskogee he is been able to really build something worth having. Let us help you with everything that you need. We are very good at construction management in McAlester and will always be the best.

Nobody else does better construction management in McAlester the way that we do. He also started bidding large and small-scale construction projects and got a lot of experience under his belt doing that. The projects that he worked on were going to be things that were done all over across the country. Manhattan construction is a big company and he gained a lot of experience by doing that. He’s also work with the civil engineering. As he has a degree in civil engineering itself.

Not only are we the most amazing construction management in McAlester but we also are the best company to work with because the simple fact that we have had all these experiences. We worked over these years to really become keen at understanding you know the foundational part of building and the different methods that really work well and we have done a fine tuning on the estimation process as well so that we know what things are going to be costing because of to simply done it for so long.

Since 1987 we been building this business them are going to continue doing a today Travis Williams grew up working with the family on business and he’s done a great job at continuing that legacy on in 2008 he became a project manager in the construction science degree that he received from the Oklahoma University was going further than he ever thought possible. He was able to tailor that degree for commercial management construction and now he helps with all the general contracting processes and helps to expand the company’s actual portfolio so that is a complete about us and if you want to know more about us or have any other questions that may arise about the construction management in McAlester that we offer just ask us.

You can more than pick up the phone and call us whenever you need us if you ever need to call us or get a hold of us about anything at all please do it today because we would love to be able to answer your questions make you feel more comfortable about the process and entirety. Call us at 918-682-5511 were going when it will-con.com

Construction Management In Mcalester | Why Did Williams Contracting Start The Business?

Please allow us to show you why we have done so well I will be due. We have completely focused ourselves on actually building a company worth having and the reason that we started this is because we felt like we had a skill that could actually give back to the community by building proper buildings and making sure that they’re going to work well. Don’t go to another construction management in McAlester type company because they’re not going to be the same as us. We are simple when it comes to the actual process because we found that we can cut out a lot of the extras by not doing things that don’t work.

Not only are we going to be help or go to offer you the best construction management in McAlester but were going to do it for a price you can afford. We love being able to help you bid the job from the beginning so that you can actually see what things are going to cost it’s important that you can see the whole breakdown of what everything’s going to be costing so that you feel good about it. Our program has been set up all the way that since the 80s and has continued to grow and get better as time goes on.

We have specifically tailored this business to not only help our family to sustain financial wellness but also to be able to help other companies get what they need as well. We are really dedicated to being the best in the business and if you ever want to know more about what we offer just ask us. Our program is great and as I said you’re not going to really be able to go anywhere else and find good contracting the way that you find here. We are very capable of helping you with everything that you need please don’t waste your time going to another construction company because they won’t work. The best construction management in McAlester is right here.

Our reputation is second to none and that’s because we have spent so many years Oklahoma building this company and building that reputation by doing great work for people that need construction management in McAlester or any other area and Oklahoma. No matter where you’re at you’re going to be happy about the results because we started this business with a dedication to helping and making sure that things get properly done. Don’t waste your time come and see us today and let us show you again and again why we are so good at what we offer and why people are loving to work with us instead of going anywhere else.

We don’t want to waste anymore of your time so don’t allow your time to be wasted come and see us today and let us show you again and again why we are so good it will we offer. Our program is great and we really do a great job at explaining everything to you call us today at 918-682-5511 or go online it will-con.com