Construction Management in Tulsa | Transforming the Stereotype of Construction

This content was written for Williams contracting

What are some common stereotypes that you think of when you consider contractors? Let us guess. Lazy, dishonest, sneaky, unhelpful. This is common. Many contractors have a negative stereotype because people have had poor experiences when working with construction contractors. What can usually happen is they will promise you a goal and never deliver. You need a company you can trust for your construction management in Tulsa services at Williams contracting.

Let’s just say that you are an educational institution and you seek out construction contracting services so that you can have a new building for your students for the beginning of the school year. Let’s just say, you are seeking services well in advance. You are promised completion of a project in nine months. You were told it would absolutely take no longer than nine-month and your project with stay within a $500,000 budget. This sounded great you! You contacted them in July the year before, they began construction in October just to be on the safe side and you are confident they will be completed with construction by next August for the school year. So let’s just say this is the case for you. If you are an educational institution, you understand how important it is to stick to a budget. After all, how well you stick to a budget determines the outcome for our children.

So in the case of this construction management in Tulsa scenario, what actually ended up happening is instead of being completed in August, it was next May before they actually finish the project. In addition, because of the delay in the project and added expenses they did not stay within your $500,000 budget, they ended up going over and the entire project cost to you $800,000. You are then faced with a situation where you had to reallocate the budget and therefore you cut several sports programs at your school to cover the expenses.

That is one thing you will never have to worry about when you seek Williams contracting, the best construction management in Tulsa. We truly are committed to offering the best and that is one reason we are the highest and most reviewed general contractor in the construction manager in the state of Oklahoma.

We provide free estimates so that you never have to wonder what you can expect. Our free estimates come with a detailed breakdown that we will deliver regarding your project within 24 hours. We encourage you to contact us by phone at 918-682-5511 or visit us on our website at On our website, you will be able to view plant client testimonials and previous work that we have done and ways that we have been transforming the stereotype of construction for over 30 years. If there is one thing you can trust from a company offering free estimates, the highest reviews and continued success over 30 years, it is that this type of dishonest, sneaky and laziness from the typical stereotype of contractors will never happen to you during your next commercial project and that is our commitment.

Construction Management in Tulsa | Religious Organizations and Construction

This content was written for Williams contracting

If you are seeking construction management in Tulsa services for your religious organization, look no further than contracting. We are the contractor company who have been operating for over 30 years and have experience in over 50. We let the client to the talking. We’ve been trusted by many big names in the area because of our ability to provide exceptional construction services and provide excellence. We are the highest and most reviewed general contractor and construction manager company in the state of Oklahoma. If you are a religious organization seeking a transformation or new build for your next project, contact Williams contracting.

Maybe you are tasked with the ability to give back to your community by providing a homeless shelter for the less fortunate. So you seek a general contractor and you go with someone who has no reviews by is promising a completed project in six months with a $300,000 budget. Let’s say they begin the project in January. Months go by, work seems slow but they are not communicating with you in any way and the last time you asked they assured you the project would be done in the six-month timeframe. See you just assume this to be true and you never recheck because you have already asked five times.

Mid-May comes around and the project is not anywhere close to being completed. So you finally ask again. The construction management in Tulsa manager then told you actually some things came up and it’s looking like maybe September. Then September comes around, the project is still not completed. Finally, December gets here in the project is completed. Then you receive your invoice, your bill is not the $300,000 agreed upon price but is actually a $600,000.

You are simply trying to provide an exceptional experience for the homeless and give back in the same way you have been that blessed. The sad thing is what ended up happening is a cost you more money than your church could afford in a project would not be completed by the time that you told everyone it would be. Members of your congregation are frustrated, the homeless refugees are disappointed in you to have lost complete faith in your contractor. That is why you need to go with a company like Williams contracting for this type of behavior is never accepted. We can assure we work hard for any organization we do business with. We are known for providing exceptional services in educational institutions, religious organizations, retail businesses, and industrial manufacturing companies. We truly are offering the best construction management in Tulsa.

We encourage you to visit our website by going to and viewing all of our information about our company for your next commercial project. You may also contact us for your free estimate by calling 918-682-5511 to learn more about how we can transform your next building project and deliver upon everything we say we will. You will never have to worry about the key or lazy or dishonest contractors again when you seek services with Williams contracting.