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This content was written for Williams Contracting.

You will not find a better construction management in Tulsa than Williams contract and this, I promise. They are extremely passionate and are providing the best and highest quality construction projects in Tulsa, Oklahoma and surrounding cities. With over 30+ years of experience Jeff Williams, owner and operator Williams contracting, he has developed many different talents and skills in order to bring you peace of mind knowing that you have signed up with the best construction company in the state, arguably even the United States. He’s extremely detail oriented and will never miss any small or minuscule detail in your construction project.

Jeff Williams began his construction career back in 1970 working for Manhattan construction. He is always passionate about delivering the highest quality construction products you and in 1987 started his own construction management in Tulsa company, Williams contracting. Just began his career as an estimator. Bidding on extremely large projects all across the United States for Manhattan. This is a very important skill in the construction world, and it’s hard to find someone who is able to accomplish this task so thoroughly as Jeff Williams does. He now brings is estimated skills to the table for his customers is able to provide the most accurate and professional budgets. He promises to always finish on schedule and on budget.

With contracting holds themselves to a higher standard than any other construction management in Tulsa Oklahoma. They are extremely self accountable and will never make any excuses for falling short of their goal or make excuses for why they went over budget, because he won’t go over budget. You can trust the budgets he gives you as he knows exactly what he is doing and has been doing it for 3+ decades. Jeff Williams earned his civil engineering degree, which gives them a deep understanding of foundations and different building methods, thus allowing him to perfect his estimating skills. And he brings both of these talents to the company, plus all is hands-on experience and knowledge. He is a well-rounded and easy to get along with construction contractor.

Many people will shudder at the fact when people talk about contractors. As if it’s some kind of cuss word, the Jeff Williams is here to try to change the stigma and flip the script on Williams contracting. He truly cares about his customers and will do anything possible in order to ensure 100% satisfaction throughout your whole construction process and final product. You will be extremely blessed to be working with the best in the business with Williams contracting. There is no other construction contracting company that goes above and beyond quite like they do. Jeff Williams sent out to needs to complete many construction projects in almost every single county all over Oklahoma. In 2008 his son, Travis Williams, joined the family owned construction company after receiving his construction science degree from Oklahoma University. Now the father, son, team are dominating the construction industry in Oklahoma.

So please reach out to Williams contracting today and get started. You may reach him at (918) 682-5511 or visit their website

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This content was written for Williams Contracting.

Williams contracting is a most respected construction management in Tulsa and it is extremely evident once you begin working with Williams contracting exactly how dedicated they are to bringing the highest quality customer service to the construction industry. Many people think it’s an oxymoron When I talk about customer service and construction as if the two are oil and water and can’t be mixed. But this is simply false. As Williams contracting is extremely dedicated to providing you with the best construction experience you’ve ever received in your life. He promises to use the best construction materials and practices in order to deliver a wonderful construction project and always on budget and on time.

Rest easy knowing that Williams contracting is guiding your construction process and will be handling all the headaches associated with construction management in Tulsa. So if you’re beginning to plan your construction. I highly recommend reach out to Williams contracting first and they will be able to handle all of your permits, plans, fire Marshall reviews in any of the other paperwork associated with construction. If you do not know exactly what you’re doing dealing with the city it can be extremely haunting and potentially cost you a lot more money than necessary. Williams contracting stands head and shoulders above the other typical contracting services. Here Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Williams contracting is renowned for providing the most accurate, realistic and professional budget for any of the construction management in Tulsa. He uses estimating skills that he learned working with Manhattan construction, so better services customers with accurate bids and budgets. They avoid change orders, while many other construction companies rely on them. The reason why they are able to bypass many, change orders is because Williams contracting take so much needed time to talk with the customer before construction even begins. This helps give them a better line of sight and a for delivering the perfect construction project for you and your family. You’ll be on the same page and will be able to communicate effectively with Jeff Williams that Williams contracting, the best construction management in Tulsa.

Stop Looking around online or asking friends and family for recommendations on a junction management company, you not find any better and well rounded construction company that Williams contracting here Tulsa, Oklahoma. Over the 30+ years. He has built up an extensive network of highly qualified in the wheel subcontractors. Subcontractors are key in the construction management industry and you need to know what you’re dealing with. Many other construction companies either hire subcontractors that they do not another quality of work, or they rely on you to find them. Which any case is not the most professional around and leave you with the ball in your court, not knowing exactly who you can trust in a subcontractor.

Visit their website today or reach out to them via phone (918) 682-5511. You’ll be extremely glad that you are working with Williams contracting, they are hands-down the best in the construction business.