We are a McAlester General Contractor services so many different areas that it might be easier to ask us what we do not service. We are able to handle such a large variety of jobs that sometimes it we are surprised by it. If you look down at our projects page gallery you will find a number of beautiful and amazing things that we have erected. It does not matter if this is a house or a church or a gym we have done it all and that we had done it beautifully. We know that you will really be awe-inspiring see love the pictures of the things that we have made.

We are definitely a McAlester General Contractor who is truly unique and who is able to bring things of the table that nobody else does. It is not just the fact that we are great builders, it is the fact that we have such versatility and we have fair and clear pricing unlike so many other companies in our industry. We are so extremely versatile that we even have created detention centers and full, huge gymnasiums and schools. We have it all and we have what it takes to make any project incredible.

The McAlester General Contractor work that we provide is second to none. In fact, we believe that is a cut above the rest and we believe that it is a continued attitude of excellence and an incredible driver keeps us going. Sure we have bad days like anybody else but we do not let those gays get to us because we know that we have very big tasks that we must complete and we know that nothing needs more us that our word and completing things in a timely manner that we knew we would.

If we are not able to finish a project in a certain amount of time, we will tell you before hand. We will not be somebody who will hide any of the cost will be completely transparent front every step of the way and we will do in your trust throughout this process. We understand that you probably do not know who to trust in the very beginning of this process, but we also realize that you soon will be able to make a determination based on all the different times we work with each other.

At Williams contracting we are extremely high rated and we are the most reviewed construction manager in Oklahoma. We have done so many projects that one should be proud of. And in so many different things to make the statement beautiful and we are proud of each and every one of them. We really enjoy the fact that every single job is different and we can bring something new and fresh to the table that some of you may not have even thought of before. We like our clients to dream and to do an incredible job with whatever it is that they have for us. We literally build these things as if we deliver our own family or for ourselves. We would never build anything that we ourselves would not want to live in, working, or be able to spend a lot of different time at.

Mcalester General Contractor | What Makes Williams Contracting Unique?

You may not realize that being unique and different as a McAlester General Contractor could be a very good thing. There are a number of reasons of this is true and we will attempt to to stay about and explain it to you. A great way to show off how we are different from other companies and how unique we are a tell you a little bit of history and back story as to where we came from, where we are, and where we are going in the future.

As a McAlester General Contractor we were founded in 1987 in Muskogee, Oklahoma. Our founders name is Jeff Williams. Jeff started his construction career with Manhattan construction in 1970 at the home office in Muskogee, Oklahoma. He literally began working as soon as he got out of college and the job he began not was being an estimator. He had a task of making bids on large sized commercial projects and he did this all over the country for Manhattan.

Before becoming a McAlester General Contractor he was arguing the groundwork and he already was setting himself up for success. He is completed so many different projects successfully in almost every County Oklahoma and has built a reputation that is second to none. He grew up always working for a company that is family owned and every single summer he joined the business full-time as a project manager in the year of 2008. His construction management and general contracting processes as well as his construction science degree from all you helping to accomplish everything that he does.

We are unique because a lot of other companies will start the process before they actually have a pricing plan and we are the ones who work with a realistic pricing plan/budget in order to make a project happen. We will give you different estimate costs of the price every step of the way throughout the process. We are unique in that we provide two different delivery methods and we get the work with the owners early on the project to bring in some costs and to work them into the design phase.

This is a good way to nip it in the bud before it even happened so that you don’t have to add as many things later and you can figure out what you want. We take a tremendous amount of pride in each and every project and we pride ourselves on nothing more than finishing these projects in time in the fastest and most efficient way possible. We would really appreciate if you give us the opportunity to work with you because we are very prompt and will get back to you as soon as is possible. Please give us a call at our phone number, 918 – 682 – 5511. Another thing you can do is go to our about page here https://will-con.com/about/. This is a place we can watch the video of our own are talking and telling you what he feels about the company and how he operates.