A Tulsa commercial contractor has to deal with several factors what are the main ones being weather. As a Tulsa commercial contractor, you are forced for the most part to work around the weather and this does not just include rain days but cold days as well. Many people may believe that a Tulsa commercial contractor is not going to be very active in the winter months, but projects are built when they’re built in deadline Are made irrespective of how the weather is supposed to be.

A Tulsa commercial contractor is typically held to a schedule that Oklahoma Department of transportation users to determine the links or the number of rain days a project is giving. So if in the month of December there are 10 rain days wealthy ODOT standard says that you should plan for eight rain days anyways so there’s only two days difference and so you will only get credit for two days. Many of the winter months are like that given various rain days to expect and build into the schedule.

Regardless of the work must continue in for things like concrete and mortar do you have to be above 40° but there’s always prep work that can be done it needs to be done even when the days are cold and not going to be a workday because of these tight schedules. Many subcontractors believe that if it’s going to rain and they have no work and they will not show up even when the rain is less than 50% possibility. Everyone knows Weather changes rapidly in the same is true for a Tulsa commercial contractor. If the morning starts off cold in the mason can only work a half day or have to work noon to dark in there that is going to be a requirement of the time frame when it’s cold.

Just because there’s only five hours of a day where the temp is going to be in operable temperature without negative affects occurring to the concrete or mortar, we are still expected to work in the cold. Poured concrete batter boards in building layouts in transit and footings can all be dug stirrups in cages can all be made these are all things that it doesn’t have to be at operable temperatures to get ready. Most the concrete work is actually getting everything ready and typically the poor happens in one or two days and it’s the week or weeks leading up to it that or the most arduous.

There are things that will hold a Tulsa commercial contractor back from being able to dig footings and that may be things like rain. if a building Pat is going to be built in there’s a foot of existing soil that needs to be removed and it rains every day after that soil is removed it can be difficult to fill that void back up with the amount of select feel needed for the project. Filling up a void can take a very long time especially if the area you’re feeling is very large.


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The dirt is brought him here and compacted in 6 to 8 inch lift and each lift must be tested before you can proceed to the next lift. Other areas that will be affected are going to be the footings in the concrete that I spoke about a minute ago. For a Tulsa commercial contractor once the building pad is brought up to grade and they passed all the test You have to dig your footings in place for rebar to pour your slab.

Yeah again the actual poor is only going to take a day if that long and it is all the preparation that takes place before that that takes so much time. Especially a footing that requires a thickened edge in stirrups and sometimes hair pins in column pads. Some architects will want to be on site before during or after a poor for your footing is done typically it is done before so that they can ensure that the Tulsa commercial contractor has installed the 2-inch rigid insulation.

When the dirt for the pad is good and compacted and dry the concrete will be dug out very smoothly and neatly and the dirt will be used as the exterior forms for the footings especially below grade. It’s also commercial contractor then needs to get his slab formed up. And this again will be part of the long-term preparation in short term pouring. The weather delays on a project can really affect the critical path and if steps are taken early on to create who secured flow, I work in information in the project can get stalled on these weather days.

The workarounds for wet and cold days which are the two most common reasons that Tulsa commercial contractor is not going to be able to work our cost prohibitive for most projects. Because I am a Tulsa commercial contractor my experience as a Tulsa commercial contractor are limited to the Tulsa area and I am positive that the cruise doing and finishing, pouring and finishing concrete in the north I have their own means and methods and workarounds for the cold because if it’s only warm enough they are six months out of the year that is not enough time to build a project that could take years if you had no other delays to build.

A Tulsa commercial contractor must be his own weatherman to a degree because if the weatherman or meteorologist calls for rain early I am later on sunny but does not take into account when the rain doesn’t start in the morning and doesn’t get started until later that afternoon that the sunny part isn’t going to show up or vice versa. When there is a hard deadline the architect and or the owner will put a clause in the contract called liquidated damages so that if the contractor goes over the allotted time In their contract there is recourse for the owner.