As a Tulsa commercial contractor I spoke last week about how a general contractor or construction manager needs to be in control of the overall safety of the subcontractors and superintendent‘s and other workers on a job site and that included weather and no shelter watching now or heat exhaustion and I’m being able to provide places for yourself your superintendent and the subcontractors to get away from the heat the cold the storm And I want to continue on that type of theme. In the world of Tulsa commercial contracting and actually globally at this point the world is experiencing a pandemic it’s in late March 2020 and this is an unprecedented event and it’s unclear how things are going to be moving forward.

A few weeks ago, governments at the state level begin mandating what they call nonessential businesses to close down. For a Tulsa commercial contractor, the nonessential businesses do exclude us thankfully. As a Tulsa commercial contractor, we are a relatively small company and our jobs don’t require that we have large amounts of people on site. At this point in the Tulsa area the government has not mandated a shelter in place order.

I for one am not completely clear on the different types of orders or what the distinctions are among the different types of orders but the two I have heard or stay at home and a shelter in place. The stay at home order is really just that you know only come out if you need to, just to work and go to the grocery store, but explain glue gatherings in and unnecessary travel. With the two orders there doesn’t seem to be much of a difference, and it has been increasingly unclear as to what enforcement if any is taking place with either order or if there’s just recommendations from the government.

In other places there has been mandates and not just recommendations or orders were people of been arrested for not obeying the curfew set in place, but it is unclear if anyone disobeying the social distancing recommendations has been arrested or charged. During this time as a Tulsa commercial contractor it has been difficult to manage what is expected on a project because we want to keep the jobs going if possible but with the recommendation and a serious virus infecting people we don’t want to mandate people work so it is lead to a lot of half measures and asking as far as work attendance and material girl.

It would seem that most people in the Tulsa area want us as Tulsa commercial contractors to keep the site open and functioning for the subcontractors to continue work. This also creates an odd place for the owners of the company because they want to allow projects in order to continue as well but they don’t want to get their employees sick and the potential liability for everyone Is really high because the infection is so serious. There have been other infections similar to this but none of them seem to be quite as serious or have everyone as worried as this one does.

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And no one is requiring people to be in an area with other people except for the healthcare industry. In most cases people or saying things like if you feel comfortable or if you want to you can go do certain things and this includes me as a Tulsa commercial contractor.

The reason for this is the way the government has issued the two orders of shelter in place and stay at home and most of put a two week limit or review in place it has left most businesses in a state of uncertainty because they want to work that can work but they aren’t able and they have just told their employees to go home for two weeks but most people need to work to make money and not working means no living but they also still have their jobs so they are unemployed.

No at this point millions of people all across United States have filed for unemployment because they haven’t been working for three or more weeks in some cases. The government is taking action to alleviate most of the state’s unemployment and help out the Americans in general, but it is still looking like a difficult situation is ahead of us. At some of the hospitals it is becoming a huge Quarantine zone were only people who are needing immediate life-saving treatment can go and anyone just seeking elective procedures or or just to maintain health have been excluded or had their appointments canceled. And the hospitals they have asked ancillary staff to do nurse tech jobs and created entire wings of hospitals to get ready if they aren’t already overflowing with infected patients.

As a Tulsa commercial contractor, it creates a hard place to be because in many cases things are carrying on like there’s nothing wrong but other places look like they have shut down completely. And it’s incumbent upon everyone who may be sick to stay at home and most people are requiring people who don’t feel well in any way to stay home and not work. Jobs like schoolteachers and administrators have been closed down for the rest of the year and it started in mid-March and will carry on until the end of May at the minimum. I’ll bring all this up to show a new level of interest in the life of a Tulsa commercial contractor in to highlight some of the oddities going on in the current climate.

There are always obstacles in to getting the project done and reaching deadlines but because of this global infection most Tulsa commercial contractors are stuck in a position of relying on subcontractors to possibly do work and not requiring them to do work. Most subcontractors on their business and they don’t have the capacity to be able to stop work for an extended period of time and Be able to continue operating so they have continued working but we may run into a situation where we are ordered to not go to work unless you work for a grocery store or a hospital or the police department.