As a Tulsa commercial contractor my boss is always telling me that we spend 90% of effort trying to complete 10% of the work and I have written about the closeout process before but it’s much more than that. It’s also been said that once a Tulsa commercial contractor has a roof on a building that you were about 90 days from being complete or rather the quickest you could be done as in 90 days.

Along with a Tulsa commercial contractor will experience projects at varying levels of completeness because not all projects start at the same time. In a lot of ways, it’s helpful to have projects at different phases because it’s much more difficult at certain parts or points to keep up with the project and it is at others. For instants when A project starts out and it has a lot of dirt work that part isn’t overly intensive.

So for instance job may require you to dig down 3 feet remove the spoils and bring in a select fill but the room the digging down and removing is it something that requires intense amount of attention to detail unless you have a lot of Utilities buried beneath that you have to watch out for.

When you start bringing in the fill there are testing agencies that are going to have you proof roll each level and that can take days as you bringing 8 inches and compacted roll it get the approval and then bring an eight more inches and so wow very important as a Tulsa commercial contractor there isn’t a whole lot for you to do other than make sure that you feel is passing the testing and you’re recording the testing you know there are things for you to do to make sure it’s not too wet and watch the guys making sure they’re not taking shortcuts but there are other parts of the project it take a lot more attention to detail.

That’s when my gets the closer you get to the finished product more tension to detail you want to pay because it’s getting closer to a finished product that the owner is going to see. And of course, they’re important things the whole way through the eighth Tulsa commercial contractor must pay attention to but there are some that are easier than others. Also at the beginning of the project is typically when the submittals come in and that part is most intensive and also getting the schedule ready and all the other documents that you’re going to use throughout the project all that stuff happens at the beginning which is good because typically you have a lot of dirt working and digging and things like that that are obviously important but don’t require direct oversight by a project manager and you can rely a lot more on a superintendent to oversee that side.

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If you had several projects starting at the same time you would have an intense way of paperwork at the beginning that you might not ever get through and would cause a severe delay in the project managers ability to be on site at different times on different projects to perform the functions necessary to ensure project is done properly. In the current climate it seems that pre-engineered metal buildings are the selection most economical for most owners, so they seem to be the most popular.

And that process of not only looking at the archetype tax plans but reviewing the metal building engineers plans and finding out the differences in why an engineer moved a call them over and if that’s important to the architects plans and why those changes were made and what issues that creates all takes time. And I thought a commercial contractor has to keep in mind and worry about the subcontractors and their schedules and away because they’re contracted to do it to do a job and they are not only on the job you contracted them to do they have other work so when you have a schedule you have to stick to it and they may not always be available on the day that you need them to be there and you may tear them up for another project so two things have to remain flexible but rigid at the same time which I’m sure is a balance that most occupation struggle with as well.

Once you have the plan back from the pre-engineered metal building engineers you have to get the anchor bolts and the idea is to go off their plan and to get them in place but that is completely reliant on everything up to that point being in the correct place and passing a lot of test. Concrete gets tested at a week at 28 days at 56 days and I believe 128 days. This is important because if the concrete pass his test at a week your anchor bolts are in place and you start to build a building read the rigid frame of the pre-engineered metal building or are you start setting structural seeing you in place and the testing for the concrete starts to fall through all that stuff has to come down you have to replace the concrete or figure out a way to strengthen it.

At this point in time it seems that the cheapest a commercial building can be built for is approximately $1 million give or take $300,000. No one wants to put $1 million plus investment on filing concrete and it isn’t the owners fault it isn’t even the Tulsa commercial contractors fault if the concrete starts feeling test and it Hass to be replaced and I don’t even know what a situation like that would even look like and hopefully I never will.

One of the things that gets ordered first is the hollow metal frames especially when they’re going in a concrete masonry unit wall and if that gets messed up the frame is grout it in and will never be stronger than it is when it’s it with the concrete masonry units so when there’s a mistake and that Hass to be changed it causes huge issues for a Tulsa commercial contractor.