As a Tulsa commercial contractor, I had previously spoken about the different types or different roles that a Tulsa commercial contractor could play or could be. The first type of role a Tulsa commercial contractor could have would be a construction manager and when a project is bid the construction manager is actually a part of that process and develops what is called bid packages to put out for separate trades to bid on. The second roll a Tulsa commercial contractor plays is a general contractor. A general contractor does not involve himself in the bid process with the exception of putting in a bid.

Now in the case of a general contractor it is their responsibility when going through the bid to make sure all items or perspective trades are covered. The same is true when a Tulsa commercial contractor is operating as a construction manager except each trade must be placed into a big package in a manner that would make sense for a certain trade to bid on. An example of this would be if there’s a small amount of low-voltage cabling to pull and the L and the project the construction manager could simply place that small bit of low-voltage into the electrical bid package so that any electricians who choose to bid on that package would have to reach out to a low-voltage company to finish out the work.

Now instinctively this may not make sense thinking that low-voltage has nothing to do with electrical work but typically the electrician is going to run all the conduit for both electrical and low-voltage and the low-voltage guys will pull the cable through the conduit and do the termination for the low-voltage stuff so including that all in one bid package does make sense. Another instance where the typical tradesmen may have to reach outside their scope is in the case of hardware.

In a typical dead Tulsa commercial contractor would solicit beards from hardware manufacturers and separately glass companies who do aluminum windows in aluminum storefronts however it could make sense if all the windows and doors are aluminum to ask the glass installer to do the hardware bid so they would have their own bid package that would include the aluminum storefront framing glazing and hardware.

As a general contractor it would be important when looking at beards especially if there’s a large discrepancy in bids to make sure that the that the hardware is included somewhere in in the bids that are being gathered. In each of the circumstances a Tulsa commercial contractor is looking at are gaps that happened in almost any project and depending on the role of the Tulsa commercial contractor has to anticipate these gaps and be able to account for them either in the formation of the bid packages or in the bid itself.


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Another example of where gaps typically happen are in pre-engineered metal buildings. For some reason most pre-engineered metal building companies don’t include anchor bolts even though they include the anchor bolt plan as part of the drawings that they provide if they are providing the building. Typically the architect and/or the structural engineer will also not include the anchor bolts as part of their plan so this means that the Tulsa commercial contractor acting as a general contractor will have to anticipate buying the anchor bolts and supplying them to the arrector or if the tolls commercial contractor is acting as a construction manager they must put that in the beard of the director or the middle or the pre-engineered metal building manufacture otherwise the item will not be accounted for.

When a Tulsa commercial contractor is acting as a construction manager the fee for the management services are presented upfront and does not present the ability to create a surplus in which items like anchor bolts could be purchased and if the construction manager doesn’t put those in a big package near and potentially the construction manager would have to go out of pocket and just purchase those anchor bolts and those anchor bolts depending on the size and the number could be expensive perhaps prohibitively expensive.

Other ways or gaps that fall into the project or paperwork. And most jobs it’s not thought of how much paperwork potential he be in a job so if I am an architect decides that they want to do paper submittals and paper closeout documents then this could result in a large expense that would otherwise not be anticipated. Typically, it is the responsibility of the Tulsa commercial contractor to supply things like dumpsters and Porta Johns or Porta potties for the various trades to use. Another gap which is not typically thought about is cleaning.

The Tulsa commercial contracting company that I work for requires in each of its subcontractors that the different trades or subcontractors clean up daily but things can be Mr. overlook it in this results in a cleaning crew being brought out to clean up everyone’s mess. If this is a thought about beforehand and this could also be an added expense. Typically, a final clean is added into the project and has thought about but it’s the additional cleaning on a job site is not maintained that could add unexpected cost. For instants if there’s a lot of wood debris being dropped outside the building and the framers are offsite but you have The dirt guys coming to do some civil work some fun and rough grading around the building so that the concrete guys can frame and do sidewalks but you have two by fours and plywood laying all around the building and no framers on site you might have to bring in a cleaning crew creating an added on a expected expense clean up the building or site before work and continue.

Often times when a job is being bad as a general contractor the Tulsa commercial contractor will put in excess dollars in anticipation of Items that are overlooked or not picked up on the original bid. If a subcontractor doesn’t include something in their bid and you use their number it it isn’t fair to make them include it if they didn’t bid it because you overlook the fact that they excluded something. These are all ways in which the Tulsa commercial contractor has to account for gaps in any project weather being a general contractor or a construction manager