As a Tulsa commercial contractor, the difference in commercial and residential buildings after dirt work, concrete and concrete recommendations, and framing is finishes. Tulsa commercial contractors typically see the same process of tape and bed after gypsum board assemblies have gone is but it is a matter of degree. In new construction on gypsum finish an architect will specify a level 5 finish. A level five finish has a standard of no visual imperfections over a specific area, so to meet a level five finish that means that there can be no visual joints of the gypsum assemblies seen in the gypsum once it has been painted with a specified paint.

Residential building will typically have textured walls with either “orange peel” or medium “knock-down” texture but with a level five finish the architect will specify no texture be used and with a semi-gloss or eggshell finish paint a single imperfection in a wall really stands out unless it is textured. The next finish that is different for a Tulsa commercial contractor is flooring. Flooring in a commercial building can be as diverse as the functions they are implored to do. Commercial flooring can be bare concrete with a seal on it, a polished and sealed concrete, a stained and sealed concrete, and a concrete covered in epoxy or resin.

That is just the items that can be done with a concrete base and that list is not all inclusive. In a residential setting the use in known and limited to that use. The flooring in most homes is to be one that hides imperfections and dirt and is too clean and manage. The doors of any building are going to be the high traffic areas so in homes the front door will typically have a non-carpeted floor because that is where most people will enter the home, and places where there’s shag carpet in front a door are much more difficult to keep clean.

As a Tulsa commercial contractor, I have notice in large open areas other than a gym, a carpet tile could be used to mute the sound. Carpet tile is a very thin carpet without padding underneath, so it isn’t as soft, but it is tougher, and easier to clean however dirt does show up on it better. The tile allows the carpet to be treated like vinyl tile in a “peel and stick” manner whenever being replaced.

The adhesive is a place where I have seen some owners confused as to why the commercial contractor just uses glue but doesn’t notice the contractor used an expensive commercial grade adhesive instead of a cheaper “off the shelf” adhesive. Is a Tulsa commercial contractor the next area in which I see a great deal of difference in residential and commercial construction would be the plumbing fixtures. Plumbing fixtures in a commercial building are typically high fission C and more expensive than a typical residential fixture.

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Most of the commercial buildings have codes that they are trying to tell me that are more stringent Then residential codes as far as efficiency go. For instants most commercial restrooms will have a automatic flush valve that can be either hardwired or battery powered installed. In a residential setting it would make sense to have a automatic flush valve installed on your toilet. You can also look at the setup of a typical commercial restroom toilet where the water line will come out of the wall into the flush valve and in directly into the bowl We are at a residential toilet will have the same water line coming out of the wall but it will feed into a valve inside of a tank or water closet that then feeds into a bowl.

The automatic flush valves or commercial flush valves in general tend to be more efficient with water then the residential type of toilets. Other ways that residential and commercial buildings would differ in plumbing fixtures is going to be sinks versus lavatories. Most residential buildings aren’t going to have lavatories but instead will have sinks drop into millwork or cabinets A lavatory is a sink with a counter or other feature built on to it other than the Fossett and valve. Residential bathrooms are all typically not sex or gender assigned where most commercial bathrooms have some sort of designation or signage even if it’s to say that all genders or sexes are using the same bathroom.

I have also not seen too many residential restrooms with drains in the floor or wall cleanouts. In many residential restrooms there will be a clean out either in the floor or in the wall that will simply be covered by a brass or chrome cap and with the cleanout exposed it will allow a snake or auger to be placed in it to clean out the sewer line. Many commercial buildings also come equipped with dual cleanouts.

A cleanout will have a curve that goes one way and a dual clean out will have the capability to be cleaned in both directions. A clean is located between the build whether residential or commercial and the sewer main or septic system and will allow a snake or auger and can be in tandem with the cleanout in commercial restrooms. As a Tulsa commercial contractor, I’ve also noticed that commercial electrical fixtures tend to be much more expensive than residential electrical fixtures.

And this could be because of efficiency and usage requirements and forced on commercial contractors that a contractor might not have to me but typically with electrical fixtures they are now LED and there are no parts to change out. In a residential setting if the light goes out you can buy a bulb replace it or if it’s a halogen fixture you may have to replace the bulb or the ballast and the light will work fine now there is only a strip inside the unit of a commercial light fixture that once it burns out that whole strip Hass to be replaced but where is most new LED electrical fixtures it should last upwards of five years.