As a Tulsa commercial contractor, it is important to do steps in the correct order when constructing a commercial building. Commercial buildings can be is buried the owners so when an owner or architect come to a Tulsa commercial contractor with a building A contractor does it know what they are getting into until they look at the plans. A Tulsa commercial contractor may be building a warehouse that is essentially a concrete slab in a shell of a building or they may be building a office building or dental clinic with lots of different rooms and cabinets and things like that.

Why are you ordering of the steps is important May not be as obvious after the outside of the building is built because somethings can be done either order. One of the things that a Tulsa commercial contractor has to be careful with or wood products. What are the most common things in a commercial building is what is known as millwork. Millwork or counters and cabinets and they are very susceptible to changes in temperature and humidity.

So a Tulsa commercial contractor must go out of their way to ensure that before the millwork or counters and cabinets are installed that the building is climate controlled. One of the functions of climate control is not just the temperature but it is the removal from water from the air. This is important because Wood is so susceptible to the expansion and retraction that occurs with moisture or the lack there of. This comes into play because most will psalm split system mechanical units need to be placed on a mechanical pad outside the building.

There are other cases in which a Tulsa commercial contractor may use what is called a rooftop unit in which the condensing unit I still actually placed on a mechanical pad somewhere outside the building but the air handler itself will be placed on the roof. This means that if it is going to be hot that a Tulsa commercial contractor must have the condensing unit that operates the AC part of the split system in place to control the temperature or a drop in temperature could cause the wood in cabinets and counters or millwork to warp.

There can also be in effect on the plastic laminate in particular that adhesive in the millwork or counters and cabinets. Another area in which a Tulsa commercial contractor has to pay attention to the climate control is with wood doors. In most cases well at least some cases the wood door will come bra or unfinished in a particular species of wood then that would will have to be stained a certain darkness or staying in in other cases the door will come pre-finished with a preselected wood finish and color on it.


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And either case the wood door is susceptible to being warped or the stain not setting right because of the moisture or the glue not operating correctly because of the moisture. So it is important to have these items in a climate controlled environment as a Tulsa commercial contractor. Most finishes need to be climate control to operate properly this includes things like paint and sealed concrete as well as mortar and grout mixtures.

The issue would would come up with a mortar and grout mixture if there’s too much moisture in the air then the grout will not dry properly for the mortar will not stick properly in this and create an issue when tile and even glue on vinyl tile could not work properly with too much moisture.

The issue With the mechanical pad could happen as follows in typical Building fashion a Tulsa commercial contractor would have the footings poured them the slab after the pad had been built then the framing of the building would go up and the interior framing would happen in during each stage you have mechanical and electrical and plumbing going on whether it’s under slab or in wall or overhead and this also means the mechanical electrical and plumbing trades will be making penetrations through the building outside but all the exterior work needs to be completed before you set the mechanical pads so it’s important to get the exterior work done as rapidly as possible so that you don’t end up with an issue of getting products that are susceptible to change of temperature and humidity in a building that is not climate controlled.

Other things that have to be done in a specific order include ceiling tile. If the drop ceiling goes in a building but the building is not climate controlled and too much moisture is absorbed into the ceiling tile then it will cause the ceiling tile to sag. As a Tulsa commercial contractor, it is important to understand the ramifications of ordering trades in a certain way and to constantly be looking 34 weeks down the line and not just concerned with the week after. And this is more than just following the critical path it is incumbent on the Tulsa commercial contractor to work with their superintendent and make sure that the subcontractors are informed of when they are needed and what is expected of them and that they will show up with material in hand and the proper amount of workers to complete the project in the given time. Some trades may build a job and even get it but not have the ability to complete the work in the timeframe allotted.

I told the commercial contractor must be cognizant of the fact that some subcontractors are very small businesses and wouldn’t or couldn’t have the manpower to perform certain tasks. Some subcontractors may believe that they have all the time in the world to run the in wall electrical and have a two-man crew but really they only have a week and need a 10 man crew and if a Tulsa commercial contractor is unaware of this and this can cause them to hold up other trades or be covered up. To be covered up means that You are going to have to perform work in a manner that is more difficult than it would’ve been had you not been covered up.