As a Tulsa commercial contractor, you are expected to be in charge of every aspect of a project except for the submittal and pay approval. So as a Tulsa’s commercial contractor events me rows that require you to be flexible and knowledgeable about various situations. The occasion may arise as a Tulsa commercial contractor that the weather is going to be an issue. Our several types of weather could cause various types of issues for subcontractors depending on what the trade is.

If a subcontractor is responsible for dirt work or site work but it’s going to be 110° outside or maybe it’s going to be you know below freezing outside the subcontractor may be in such a position that they are financially required to work and it may come down to the discretion of the Tulsa commercial contractor to close down the job site or to at least make sure that the subcontractor is able to take care of their employees. In a situation may arise that the Tulsa commercial contractor may have to provide water and a place to cool down for the subcontractors if the temperature is excessive and there is no shame. A lot of times especially with a large building there will be no trees and they’ll be a large open area where the site work is taking place and there may be no refuge from the sun in the heat.

Other instances where it’s too cold or typically prohibited by the material and not the labor. Things like mortar concrete paint all have to be above freezing or the material will be ruined. Because the weather will affect the project of a Tulsa commercial contractor the superintendence will I am project managers will pay close attention to what the weathers doing on any given day and week to plan out how to spread out labor and where to focus on a given project.

One of the focus is a Tulsa commercial contractor may have to choose especially during the storm season around the Tulsa area is tornadoes. In many cases left the jobsite will not have adequate shelter for a tornado. And in many circumstances the job site will be one of the worst places to be in case of a tornado. For instants job trailer is by its nature a temporary space so even when it’s a container and is very heavy it is not mounted to the ground it’s merely secured their butts on the way so if a tornado were close it would not be a suitable structure to see shelter.

In other circumstances you may have a site say your slab is poured and your metal building is on site but none of it’s been erected that would also be a very bad place to seek shelter because of all the metal pieces laying around and nowhere to actually find shelter. Maybe thinking that in a typical storm that will be rain everywhere and that would prevent work from taking place but I have seen certain circumstances where storms arise very quickly and can go from bright sunny day to a storm moving in less than an hour and those are actually typically when tornadoes take place.

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Because projects can also take place in very remote locations where shelter may be difficult to come by it is incumbent upon the superintendent and project manager working as a Tulsa commercial contractor to keep the jobsite free of injury when weather is an issue. Other circumstances in which a Tulsa commercial contractor may be expected to step in for safety is or could be an infectious disease.

In most circumstances a Tulsa commercial contractor will not have to worry about infectious diseases however there could arise the circumstance in which a disease of somewhat unknown origin is sweeping across the globe and it is starting on the east and west coast and moving n-word and infecting people at various levels and with varying levels of symptoms as it moves. The balance comes from knowing that projects they still need to continue because people are financially relying upon them the knowledge that at some point even if it’s really severe the disease will pass but also not making people work if they don’t need to or if by then working it puts them in danger.

The Tulsa commercial contractor can’t mandate that subcontractors show up to work under threat of penalty just to keep the project going when the government has said that people, they voluntarily social distancing themselves from one another. The contractor can’t then go back and say if you don’t show up then you’ll be penalized when the government is basically saying that you can’t being confined quarters with people. Even in severe circumstances the government and by Government, I mean FEMA and the CDC have been letting people travel to work and the store for essentials but not allowing nonessential trips.

And it’s not allowing it is strongly discouraging nonessential trips. So, the Tulsa commercial contractor ends up in a unique circumstance of trying to balance the needs of the owner architect the project themselves even the subcontractor and the safety and security of the job site. It is not often that these things coming to conflict the way they did or are doing with the reason infectious disease that has become A pandemic and affected the entire globe.

In most cases making sure the jobsite is safe and the people are secure in knowing that they will not be harmed by coming to work that day doesn’t affect a project to the degree that it has. In many cases of people or talking about the infectious disease taking months to hit its peak of infection and then to subside and some projects don’t take months to complete. If the information on the course of the infectious disease is correct There will be a significant delay in all construction projects before we are able to cure it. As long as we can safely do so, we will continue to work.