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I can go through the projects we have done and the things I have learned and write an article about it without much of a problem. It helps me to write about the things I have learned especially in this field because it is so new to me, although I have been in the field for years, yes plural, now. In some ways I feel like I have learned very little, because there is so much I still don’t know, but when I am writing the articles or talking to someone and trying to explain what I know, I am surprised at not necessarily how much but what I know.

The process of building a commercial building entails so much more than people realize. The fact a person who never set foot on a site can design a building, I am speaking of a pre-engineered metal building, after looking at a set of plans, and another group of people can look at those same plans and the plans of the pre-engineered metal building designer and there is a third group of people who can set a bolt, several bolts in fact, and when the building arrives it sets up perfectly on the bolts in the concrete. The concrete pad the building sets on has to be level to a certain tolerance, because if the columns aren’t plumb it will cause twisting and torqueing of the frame of the building and can ultimately lead to building failure.

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Even more incredible, to me, is that someone can estimate the weight of a building, the estimate the pounds per square foot, and with confidence say that if you put that building on this ground following our recommendations then you building won’t sink or sag. The recommendations may be that you have dig down 10 feet and replace the dirt with select fill or drill down 30 feet at 100 locations and put in concrete piers, but if you do that, you put a building here.

For a commercial building every piece has to be planned by someone. That’s mean that planning went into every screw that was placed in that building. Looking at the pre-engineered metal building again, the exterior of the building will consist of sheet metal panels typically. The sheet metal will be held to the exterior of the building with screws laid out in a specific manner based on the frame of the building. The spacing and number of the screws has to be accounted for to eliminate the possibilities of leaks especially in the roof.

The metal panel are ribbed, so as the roof terminates, some one had to anticipate this and create a piece of trim to keep things from getting underneath the panels. If the building is going to have gutters and downspouts the rake and gutter detail to have planned for as well. There has to be calculations made to figure out how much water has to move across the roof and the number and size of downspouts to accommodate the amount of water flowing. The placement of the braces for the downspouts as well as the weight for the gutter and downspouts have to be calculated as well.

If the pre-engineered metal building is going to have windows and doors they will have to have framed openings plus they will need framing pieces for the trim pieces to attached to. These all have impacts on the weight and the pounds per square foot that any given square foot of the building is going to rest on, and before the concrete is poured, before a single bolt is set, and before a dirt is moved all of this needs to be accounted for and calculated. Before these calculations and recommendations can be made the soil has to be tested by taking bore samples and all that starts with a decision of where the site is going to be.

Once the site is chosen figuring out where rainwater is going to once you put a building on a spot where there used to be a free path for water take is next. All of the testing and planning is done because commercial buildings are open to the public and no one wants to take unnecessary risks when the public is risk. Each type of risk is managed by a different type of engineer, not a commercial contractor, or in this instance a Tulsa Commercial Contractor.