So last week when talking about Tulsa commercial contractor I talked about how amazing it was that someone who had never been to a job or seen a site could you design a building or how different trades are able to do work that definitely affect each other and everything still come out as designed. However, as a Tulsa commercial contractor there are circumstances When all the planning in the world doesn’t help you complete the project as designed. In other words, there are times that mistakes happen. So often the work doesn’t have to be very precise and things like trim or are used to hide certain defects especially when finishing out the building and where an owner is going to see it the most.

There are things on the exterior of the building that have to be done precisely. For instance, if you have a brick veneer the mortar lines are all going to be visible you have to have them be pretty uniform to not catch the eye. With a metal building it’s a lot easier because the building comes pre-made well technically pre-fabricated and you actually build the building but the panels on the outside are all uniform and the screw layout is all uniform so it’s easy to make that look uniform you know all the framing metal that are going to have screws in them are all uniform and all the panels are the same you know and they all have the same rib profile.

Metal building panels have what’s called a rib profile and the owner or the architect will decide on a certain profile and they have different patterns from a large rib small rib large rib and what I mean by rib is a rise that would be enough for the sheet-metal being flat to it being raised maybe an inch and a half and then with the small rib it may only be half an inch and so you get this up-and-down pattern and when you’re looking cross-sectional at the panel you can see the rib profile.

I believe a rib profile is for an aesthetic reason to hide imperfections but there may be a functional reason as to why the panel has ribs in it that I might be unaware. I could see a scenario in which you have just a plain sheet of metal up that would incur dings and it would show an imperfection a lot more than a ribbed sheet does. The point of that being that the metal building has trim pieces partly to cover up the end of the ribs so water and animals can’t get behind the sheet metal but also it helps to hide imperfections so when the metal building erector is putting up the building and they are on site cutting the sheets if they are not exactly correct the trim will hide some slight imperfections and the same is true on the inside with things like baseboards.

The interior of the building is for the owner of the most important part because that is where they are going to be spending all their time in the rooms of building if they were planning on spend most of their time on the outside they would not have built the building so it is important to hide those imperfections. Things that an owner wouldn’t see would include drywall.

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Now that an owner does not see the paint on the drywall but the actual drywall product or gypsum board as it is properly called it was very difficult to cut on the straight-line so there are pre-manufactured items like corner beads and tape and bed for gypsum board to go on and then the imperfections can be hidden before it’s painted. Other ways in which imperfections are hidden are with caulk or spackle.

If the building interior contains block Masonry or CMU then it can be difficult to hide imperfections or mistakes because there’s such a small degree of error. There are some products that allow very small imperfections in block work to be hidden. There is a grout mixture type product that’s kind of like a spackle mix with grout that can be used to fill in that looks similar to block once it’s painted.

There are tons of things meant to hide imperfections that will you see every day but don’t notice. Until I became a Tulsa commercial contractor, I don’t know that I would’ve necessarily known all the way trim hides imperfections. For instance, if in the shower where the showerhead comes through the wall it’s very hard to cut a perfect circle in ceramic tile especially if it’s mosaic ceramic tile so the showerhead manufacturer will provide you and escutcheon. The escutcheon is the silver piece that is larger than the pipe that the showerhead comes out of the wall on and it’s meant to slide up against the wall to hide imperfections.

If you have ever seen recessed lighting in a gypsum board ceiling then you may have noticed on the outside of the light there is a ring that ring is there to hide the imperfections in the drywall or gypsum board that were made cutting in the recessed light. Other ways or less obvious if you have ever seen a grab bar in a handicapped stall then you may have noticed at the end of each end of the bar there were escutcheons meant to hide nothing imperfections but the mounting mechanism for the grab bar itself.

What you decide to be a commercial contractor or in my case a Tulsa commercial contractor you will find out that there are guidelines that specify a lot of how a commercial building is supposed to be set up. One way a Tulsa commercial contractor would follow the guidelines is ensuring there is a handicap accessible restroom in every commercial building. For a Tulsa commercial contractor to make the restroom handicap accessible it must include a five-foot opening and grab bars.