As a Tulsa commercial contractor one of the first obstacles you have to come overcome is the purpose behind your job. Often owners will feel like they could hire the trades themselves and they don’t really need a general contractor to manage them. It’s especially when the owner is trying to get a budget together or get quotes together to take to a bank in an effort to get a loan to proceed with the project. The Tulsa commercial contractor will have two basic functions and the function will depend on what job the Tulsa commercial contractor does.

So, the first function a Tulsa commercial contractor could have would be as a construction manager now a construction manager would be helpful in figuring out a project at the very beginning. So once an owner or group of owners has the idea that they want to build a building in they want to just see a rough estimate of how much a building would cost in need they may need somebody to walk them through the process of how to build a building or how to figure out the cost or budget of a builder that’s when a construction manager has some of the greatest value.

So a construction manager would set up a fee with the owner to retain some initial administrative duties because sometimes these projects can take months to go through and it’ll take several hours of work for a construction manager and if the project ultimately doesn’t go through or is passed off to another party it’s only fair that the construction manager be compensated for the time that they put into that project. Often times you would see a construction manager we brought in at a school board level by the superintendent who is it wanting a new facility to be built for the school district.

In this case they told commercial contractor functioning as a construction manager would be able to provide rough budget estimate as to how much a new gym what to say for a minute for instants would cost. The Tulsa commercial contractor functioning as a construction manager would be able to say the building is going to cost “X” dollars per square foot with these amenities in it and the school board can look at making the building larger or smaller, or adding classrooms or locker rooms, and other functional requirements such as maintenance and storage areas. Once a budget is put together the superintendent to take it to the school board and decide if they want to proceed.

If the school board were to decide to proceed with a bond issue, then they would have good numbers to go with and the construction manager may be asked to provide one or more architects to get plans and specifications. One of the reasons a person or group of people would hire an architect to draw plans for a public facility would be life safety.

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Life safety is being able to show the distance to each exit from the farthest point of the building and to plan for issues dealing with “life safety” such as fire extinguishers versus sprinklers and making sure the facility is ADA compliant these are all reasons that an architect would be hired. So once the owner and the construction manager I have plans from an architect then the owner to get with the construction manager and determine what trades or what exactly the scope of work is going to be and in particular with the scope of work is going to be for each trade.

One of the big differences from a general contractor to construction manager as it relates to subcontractors is the construction manager is going to take the project in its entire ready and divided up among trades to ensure that all the work gets done with the minimum number of subcontractors required to complete the project. A general contractor would have to gather bids from each trade individually and figure out what work needed to be done and may end up with several more subcontractors and would otherwise be needed to complete a project with a construction manager.

Often times people believe a Tulsa commercial contractor functioning as a construction manager would lead to higher prices or the construction manager will just hire his preferred subs but there is a bidding process with the different trades in a public project just as there would be in a general contractor bed but the owner doesn’t get to see the process with a general contractor as they would with a construction manager. Another purpose behind a total commercial contractor or a general contractor is to oversee the project in its entire ready.

Often times in owner may feel that they are able to manage a project and don’t need it a general contractor but when the project is large enough you, I have to have professional help. Projects often times have on for seen problems with our professional help there’s no one really to turn for guidance and The owner would find himself at the whims of the subcontractors or the different trades that have been hired to tell them as the owner what should be done. Different trades and different subcontractors all have their preferred way of doing things even when it’s not on the plans that way and without a Tulsa commercial contractor or a general contractor on site to make sure things are done by the plans trades could easily convince an owner that something has to be done that doesn’t need to be done and then add a change order to get more money from the owner for the project.

Even without subcontractors and trades trying to get money through change orders issues arise on every project no matter how well thought out and without a total commercial contractor or general contractor was experience in commercial construction owner is not going to know what to do. Often in commercial construction the answers you were looking for you can’t find on The Internet or just by asking the average person. Some of the items and skills needed to complete a commercial building are very specialized in finding people that know how to complete those tasks or part of the Tulsa commercial contractor or a general contractor’s job. Also being able to see your project at a point and being able to look a day, a week, or month down the road and start anticipating problems or figuring out solutions is a large part of why the Tulsa commercial contractor should be hired.